Congratulatory Colonoscopy

Recently the Local newspaper, The Prince George Citizen published the names of all the Physcians and Surgeons, and their yearly charges to the medical system. I thought at the time I was reading it that it wasn't a nice thing to do. I sure wouldn't want the world to know what I was earning. But I still read it with great interest.

Below is one of the Doctor's reply in the letters to the editor section of the newspaper.

Congratulatory colonoscopy

I would like to congratulate you on your recent article detailing some of the incomes of doctors in Prince George. I'm sure people are happy to see that their doctor is paid well for the valuable work that is done for them.

In recognition of this effort I would like to present you with a complimentary colonoscopy. Please contact my office to arrange.

W. Simpson chief of surgery
Prince George

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