First 747 Jet Lands in Prince George

Jet's Fuel Facts Added Up
Citizen staff

Some facts and figures for the jumbo jet that landed at Prince George Airport on Tuesday have been confirmed. The Southern Air Boeing 747 took on 86,000 litres of fuel, airport marketing director Todd Doherty said.

And while that process took 40 minutes the plane didn't leave until 10:45 a.m., about two-and-ahalf hours after it had landed. The intention was to be back in the air in about 90 minutes. "The delay was an operational delay," Doherty said. "They were trying to figure out what they needed to go onward to Caracas (Venezuela) in terms of clearance or customs stuff."

There was some confusion over the exact numbers after airport manager John Gibson told Rotary Club members the plane took on 130,000 litres of fuel while a press release stated it left 90 minutes after arriving at the airport. Doherty said Southern Air had asked for 130,000 litres prior to landing but ended up taking on less after the pilot reviewed the flight plan.

One of the two tanker trucks used to fuel the plane was reloaded but the additional gas was not needed, Doherty said.

It was the first cargo carrying jumbo jet to land on the extended runway and the airport hopes many more will follow.

With the amount of fuel used to fill Southern Air's Boeing 747 that landed in Prince George on Tuesday you could fill the gas tanks of 1,720 cars holding 50 litres of gas each. If a car could travel 1,000 kilometres on a 50-litre tank of gas, and you had as much gas as was used to fill Southern Air's Boeing 747 at Prince George Airport, the car could make it around the Earth's circumference of 40,075 km roughly 43 times before running out of gas.

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