This section will devoted to displaying interesting business stories from Prince George British Columbia Canada. It will also contain interesting articles from a personal perspective. Some articles are older from my days when I first started with web design but I just don't have the heart to delete them.

Massive Fire at Airport

PG Doctor Letter

First 747 Lands in PG

Nechako River Ice Jam

Prince George a Silicon North

News Interview

Technology Opinions

About Cali Columbia

Domain Slamming


Where Girls are not Found

A Internet Dictionary

Another massive fire to add to the list of past big fires in the city of Prince George B.C. This time it was a big old hangar at the airport that went up in flames. It was an old hangar built by the military way back when. Look at the photos to see how spectacular it was with that propane tank and all exploding. And then there may even be someone who died in the fire too.
EchoTech Ice Breaking machine on the Nechako River 2008

BILL PHILLIPS Free Press January 2008

It is simply too dangerous and too costly to keep the Amphibex working on the Nechako ice jam.

The amphibious ice­breaker was brought in on a 10-day contract, which expired yesterday. The ever-increasing ice jam, now at more than 22 kilometres in length, was proving tough for the Amphibex, which sat idle Monday and Tuesday.

It is wonderful to see how the community can come together to solve a common problem. This machine had to come all the way from the East coast at a tremendous cost. The huge ice jam was causing havoc with flooding to homes and business's and the cost didn't matter the problem just had to be confronted. They even came up with a plan B in case this machine couldn't do the job. (Click on the picture or the link on the right for the full story)

Prince George Citizen Bill Meyers Silicon North

Prince George a Silicon North-By GORDON HOEKSTRA

Is there a new emerging economic force in the Prince George region. There are 172 high-tech firms in the Northern Interior, nearly 80 per cent of them in Prince George, according to a 2003 survey by the Innovation Resource Centre.(Click on the picture or the link on the right for the full story)

News Interview about changing technology

News Interview in 2004

I heard the dreaded seven-beep warning out of my computer a couple of weeks ago, which was the beginning of the end for my three-year-old machine.The call from the shop just confirmed my worst fears – the motherboard (that thing into which all the other gizmos plug) was toast, literally.

This little interview always points out to me how fast the technology moves. I remember thinking that I was not witnessing the changing of history as much as my father. He went from horses and life in the 1920's to witness telephone, TV, airplanes, and a man on the moon. What was there left for me to experience in my life? Well ha- I think he was in high gear but I am in overdrive with the technology I have been involved with in Electronics and computers.

Famous people give their thought on technologyThe wired diaries

From cinematographer to gourmet chef to gearhead, each of the contributors to "The Wired Diaries" reveals that the line between our technological creations and ourselves is fundamentally fuzzy. We may differ in what tools we use, but the portrait of humans at the turn of the millennium is clear: We are beings entangled in our inventions. Like all relationships, this intimacy is full of passionate contradictions and unending surprises. And the conversation has only just begun ...

Thinking of the above interview... I came across this site years ago. It is kind of neat what different people do to handle the new technologys. Some people do indeed embrace it and use it to the hilt and others steer totally clear. The ones I like are the ones who straddle the fence. Like the ones who still insist on using a pencil but it it has to be an electric one. On the next page you will get a glimpse of what many famous people such as Francis Ford Bacon and Joe Montana have to say about how they use technology what they think of it etc. Or visit the site it is very interesting.

Beautiful Castle in Cali Columbia Cali -- Columbia

I was very successful in finding a great deal of useful information about the region over the Internet. Columbia is definitely a volatile nation, but truly beautiful and it seems very progressive in spite of adversity.

One of my clients had an inquiry from a place called Cali Columbia and asked me to investigate the region. What a convenient tool the Internet turned out to be. I picked up so much interesting information I just about packed my bags for a tip there. The business contact turned out to be quite suspicious as they later inquired about getting 10 work visas to visit our plant here in Canada. Our suspicions were confirmed but I sure liked what I saw about the city of Cali. Read all about it in my article.

Why is computer science still mostly a male domain ? why women aren't that big into computers

Brother and sister Mel McCoy and Emmy Lou of Toronto check out a Web site. While girls aren't as keen to be computer geeks as boys, many women played key roles in computer science

Look at some information on Ava Lovelace and Charles Babbage, as well as some stats on why women aren't that big into computers. (Click on the picture or the links on the top right for the full story)


A lot of good internet terms

I keep these pages around just to remind me how fast things change in our great technological world. The information here was the latest about 5 years ago. So a lot of the terms and definitions are still with us for sure. But look at some of the details especially the end notation on the speed of transmission. It is absolutely amazing at how fast we are moving these days.

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