Enviable Position

I am in the very enviable position that most times I only take on work that I really have an interest in doing. On the other hand I am not a rich man and I can always use the extra cash. The world this year with elections and the Stock market crashing is putting a money crunch on us all

Designing Websites is a passion with me and I have a hard time refusing too bring a new work of art online. Check out some of the sites I have done in the Portfolio section.

Electronics and building electronic robotic contols is also rooted deep in my talent bin. Check out my Business section to see my stock of Electronic components from my Electronic recycling efforts. A great section is coming that will be filled with practical electronic circuits and projects for everyone from engineer to hobbyist.

Multimedia Flash demos for teaching and business advertising is of a deep interest to me. I just did a 200 page catalog for a local company and enjoyed the challenge .

And finally I have been using AutoCad programs for years and am always interested in drawing shematics, Arcitecture projects, Field Manuals etc. I have a full size Plotter at my disposal waiting for some work.

You can go to the Just Resume Section to see some of my sanctioned works through the years and even pick up a printed copy if you so desire.

If you are really interested you can go to the biography section and get a insight into my character developement. After that visit the Humor and Stories section. That should leave you laughing so hard you won't be able to bookmark my website.

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