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Specialized Coatings Contractor
Status: Active
Challenges: With years of practical experience in the coating business, there was a lot of information to present
Solutions: Easy navigation, enhanced presentation with the help of Flash Mx, PHP programming and the use of MySql to manage the data base make this site very active
Extras: The site has a page rank of 4 with the Google search engine and produces about 100 inquires per day thanks to expertise in WEB advertising techniques I have perfected. The customer is very pleased. Check out the site and the testimonial section for more details.

Security and Home Theater Installations
Status: Active
Challenges: Very busy small business needing a communication link with customers
Solutions: Easy navigation, simple and too the point, with nice gallery shots of beautiful places done.
Extras: Will be adding some active content in a "for sale" section

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Instruction for Instructors and Teachers
Status: Active
Challenges: Because NRLC was interlinked with educators throughout the province of Alberta the site had to present a great quantity of information including course offerings, links to consortium members, and a newsletter.
Solutions: Judicial and often innovative coding provides a very clean and well managed site.
Extras: Good communication with the Client keeps the site active and informative. Check out the site and the testimonial section for more details.

Much more than your ordinary Cleaning Company
Status: Active
Challenges: SpringFresh is a very progressive company with Disaster cleanup services, HVAC maintenance and other enhanced services. The WEB presence had to present the same image as the Company did with their business.
Solutions: Innovative and simple but effective coding produced a very smooth and professional set of pages.
Extras: SpringFresh has used the Business Card CD productions with great success. Check out the possibilities of Business Card CD productions. Check out the site and the testimonial section for more details.

A Website for an entire Plaza
Status: Active
Challenges: This development was in a very active business region in the booming city of Grande Prairie Alberta. The Holiday Inn, major Banks, restaurants, and Sobeys were on board for the Plaza development. The site had to reflect the progress the development.
Solutions: A Flash introduction map and a clean presentation of the Business's developing makes for a very informative site.
Extras: Check out the site and the testimonial section for more details.

Visit this printing business
A very progressive printing business
Status: Active
Challenges: This printing company is very progresive and had many areas of expertise to present to the WEB community.
Solutions: Simple and clean site was redesigned to produce an informative site.
Extras: Visit the site for more information.

Country Radio Station
Status: Active
Challenges: This site was a team effort and production with Global Internet Associates.
Solutions: Productive dynamic site with a good graphic presentation was realized using a data base for active updates.

Home Builders
Status: Active
Challenges: A leader in home design, consulting & construction, and builder of the Dream Home required a professional site.
Solutions: Flash integration was used to view floorplans and produce a galley display

Visit this Computer services company
Computer Services and Real Estate Professional
Status: Active
Challenges: Site to promote computer services and real estate expertise.
Solutions: Enhanced forms for computer quotes with the use of PHP and a data base.

Community Service
Status: inactive
Challenges: Great community organization needed a site but didn't have the budget for professional design firm rates.
Solutions: Produced a site that was impressive for 40% of my regular rates and they were able to maintain the site for two years before running into financial troubles this year.
Extras: Most times if one can get a community or charitable organization started they can budget the small amount needed for registration and hosting in the following years. I have been too busy lately to help them out but I like to do community services and get them going on the Web.

Great Eating in Grande Prairie
Status: inactive
Challenges: Site to promote weekly specials
Solutions: Have designed a number of small one or two page sites so the organization has a local internet presence for their specials or promotions.

One of the first sites I worked on about 5 years ago.I keep the thumbnail active just to remember what it was like in the "old days" of Web design.

Oilfield Service Company
Status: inactive
Challenges: Oilfield Service Company needed a professional site to promote it's expertise
Solutions: One of my first sites exploring the possibilities of integrating Flash to Web Page Design.

One of the first sites that I really worked on using Flash when it first came out. I keep it around to remember the learning curve of trying out the newest Flash in the "old days".

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