enealogy sites abound on the Internet. Here is a site built by a talented Cousin. That's my Granny and Grandpa on my mothers side of the family. Probably taken in the early 50's, what a good looking crew. Good work "Sunny"Take a look at his work on the Genealogy for the Wilm family Grandma and family
My Dad who is a certified "Old Fart is always into something new and oft times interesting.And He is also a certified Certified Ground Hog Specialist as you can see from the plaque on the wall. Well these days he is into making up wind chimes from all his garage sale exploits. I just had to make up a little video about this latest exploit.

Just click on the button and enjoy the show.
Wind Chime expert
A good man, and my shepard as I like to call him. This man demonstrated a faith to me that got me into a church after 30 years. I now have a new faith in Jesus as our Saviour and it feels great. As a part time career, other than herding sheep Harold is a Real Estate Expert in Grande Prairie Alberta. Visit his site for some worldly information Harold Flake-My Shepard
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