Now exactly Redneck but sure catchs people at their worse.

If she Farted there would be one hell of an explosion. It would be like a Nitro injected motorcycle.

Ahh! It isn't what you think it is. Just poor lighting at the Karaokee Bar
Pretty high class waiting room! Pretty low class clientel.

You know they are going to start making you pass a drivers test for those things. Some of those disabled people drive those things like they are race cars. All decked out with flags stickers and baskets those carts are the wave of the future.

Dirty Little Bugger! She should quit smoking though and her instints would be back to normal and she could sense those dirty young fellows taking inappropriate pictures.
Well it is all she can afford being a single mother. One helmit and a makeshift car seat.
The Mercedes is locked in the Garage out back.
If you got it Flount it !
Yes kiddo this is what it looks like when you are a big boy.
If you got this I don't think you should flount it.
Another person that should quit smoking. They say that when you quit smoking all your ails and problems are instantly cured.
It is a new world now with the women running everything. Its about time they learned by practical experience what us men have been doing for years. Good job guys.
Those kids are lease trained.
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