A Nice collection of images to make you shake your head and smile !

Wonderful place. As the real estate guys say "location "location" "location" 


The innovative mind of us humans. Probably in a Oklahoma small town in the middle of nowhere.   

Reminds me of how a snake can swallow a mouse whole. 

Wow the power of Mother Nature 

How people can smash up their vehicles is amazing.  

This must be up in the Glacier country? It couldn't be after a big snowfall could it be?

Love this thing that dogs do when they play with each other. Look at the concentration they have. And that darn cat is typical with its look of distain. 

Kool Car ! We know a female owns that one. 

Now how would they ever pose a shot like this? In one of those photo contests this would have to be a winner.

Mother Nature again. That is one big rock. 

Wow. I can't even imagine what would have happened here.

An archeological team, digging in Washington DC , has uncovered 10,000 year old bones and fossil remains of what is believed to be the first Politician.