Try Try Again they say! But these are Failures and should not be tried again.

Poor Doggie! That tree wasn't here on the last run. It must have just walked out in front of me.

Nice Try! But too much concentration on the style I think.

Oh my God I didn't know Giraffes were horny buggers.

Pick on somebody your own size bud.

Hooks in the wrong spot

Good for a commercial

Ahh poor guy in the wrong place at the right time.

This is why I hate water skiing. I like snow skiing a lot better. This would never happen on snow.

More horniness! Sheep Dogs are supposed to be real dumb. I once knew a Sheepdog that was so dumb it chased parked cars.

Not much to say about this character. Missed the boat so to speak.

We learned as kids not to play with fire. These kind of guys are just jerks.

All it takes is one little mistake for these guys at the speed they go.

Ouch! Thats why they wear jock straps. But even then he got a real bad OWIE.

He missed her I bet.

The things we do to impress the girls.

Just a bad angle, the dirty minds of some people geez.

With the advent of the homosexual explosion in this country, those two guys are probably experts giving advice to the gals.

A budding fireman that guy is!

People sure can't spell these days. Hey and that includes me. And I was raised with the importance of the three R's. Reading Riteing and Rithmatic.

I have seen this kind of happen before. In this day and age of kid safety you would think they would have WCB approved protectors on all those sharp points. His parents are probably going to sue the city over safety concerns and medical expenses for genital restoration.

Ha! the sign guy had a rough night. Maybe he was one of those guys cheering on the male stripper up above there.

Dumb Cows! I worked with them characters and they are about as bad as that Sheepdog I mentioned up above.

Definetly Stupid warning

Nice Try

Pretty Cool colors but sure not invisible.

The inquiring mind of our species is always at work.

All the crooks know that we hide things under the doormat anyway.

I tried that ride ounce and got bucked off !

This was probably a former CIA agent or even FBI that was used to secrecy and confidential information handling.

Poor little Angel her makeup is running.

Duh There is that dumb sign guy not paying attention to his job again.

Graffitti guys strike again.

Child Predetor Hands? Kids like monster stuff but are scared about whats under their bed at night. Go figure!

Extension coming in 2020. that place looks like a jail or something. Maybe it is a trap door of some kind to stop escapees.

What the heck are we getting dirty here again.

Ahh big rivits!

Getting dirtier by the moment or is it my imagination.

Now there is a good deal!

Don't have a clue about this but I know that a Milf is something like talking about a camel toe. Dirty dirty again.

Now that sign guy is working for the Highways Dept. Wonder if he got fired or what?

Ahh this one is from my home town of Prince George B.C. And even got my name there too. Must have been Darlene though. I bet she changed her phone number and is going back to school to get some more training at CNC on the 3 R's. Or maybe she is in Medical training at UBC specializing in.....


Now thats a tough one to decipher as you prance around looking for the washroom.

Bet that policeman is wondering why he doesn't make his quota today. Oh well more donut time on a slow day.

What the heck? That good looking gals reputation is shot.

Not all people are into this texting abbreviations LOL!

Revised 2013 by Larry Gentleman