Around here with my Chickens this art has special significance. It always amazes me how and artist can create an expression with a few simple strokes of the pen.

Its getting late Harry !

Ahhh so soft !

I always tell the Boys not to get involved with two women at once. One women at a time is hard enough to handle. But two women is nearly impossible.



In the Sweet Bye and Bye

Eeeh ya Eeeh ! I'm next

Years ago I read on the Internet about the pain that Veggies go through when they are dumped in boiling water. Was it ever funny!

Inspector Calhoun over there with the mustache works part time for the NCIS team out of Los Angeles.

Brown Eggs are from white chickens and white eggs are from Brown Chickens.

How come my jokes are so funny to me but others think they stink?

Gotta be Halloween

Getting ready for their MAKER.

The school yard bully!

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