As an expert in used goods and recycling I have commented some of these modern ideas for using old goods and making new goods.

Pretty darn brave bird to set up a nest in a stinky old shoe. Must be a pretty smelly household.

Now this is a good idea for all those people who have a grande piano hanging around doing nothing.

Have tried doing something with those milk cartons...but that plastic is so thin it is nearly useless. Two cat poop drops and it falls apart.

Great idea here lots of hangers to be found.

Those are music boxes for picallos and flutes. I hate those instruments . Must be a few others out there that have a dislike of that music too! But they sure have fancy high class cases.

Now what the heck would Granny say if you used her prize silver and Dalton China for this purpose

Now they are cutting up a Claw foot bathtub. Must be as rich as that guy who had a Grande Piano hanging around.

People don't use clothespins anymore. If you need them for this purpose you would have to hunt them down and buy them. So where does the recycling come in.

Cats are pretty finicky and design conscious. They know when their dish is made out of cheap thin plastic and would more than likely knock it over and slink away.

I have seen this in my Redneck contraptions. Hard to make a connection between water hose and the bottle though. And again that thin plastic just doesn't seem to hold up.

Now that is one glassy way to do hydroponics. Love it!

Kooleel use for an old gratter. What are the footsies some kind of ear rings?

Another rich guy with a endless supply of old metal watering cans and all the same model too so the spouts are the same length.

Pretty artistic. Cutting glass is kind of tough for me.

Kool but again you need more than one of the same junk and usually you have 900 of something all different.

Now that is great. Have you seen what those farmers in Saskatewan do with Hay Bales?

Old boots and shoes lots of them around. Better this than a smelly birdhouse though. I don't think that plants care too much about the smell.

Yep! This would work for those thin plastic bottles. Wouldn't work for big birds like Eagles. Might even be a little flimsy for a Robin.

Revised 2013 by Larry Gentleman