Jesus Christ Pictures
I could use a little help here! They are wonderful Pictures, but I don't know the Bible that well. Inform me!

Mary and Joseph in the Manger at his birth...right?

Was it the three wise men that came to Bethlehem with gifts and followed the star?

Don't have a clue about this one?

Getting Baptised....By who?

Gentle with animals and holding a Lamb. Significance?

Love Children. Significance? Verses?

Think this is where he walked on water. Who were the Fishermen and did they become Disciples?

Speaking in the Temple. Significance? Verses?

Riding into town on a Donkey. Is this something of washing feet and a prostitute etc.?

Ahh he was losing faith in his father at one time?

That horrible mistake by mankind and the Crusification. Don't want to dwell on that one.

Rising from the Dead! ! !

Definetley our Savior and watching over us! !

Revised 2013 by Larry Gentleman