Pandas After The Earthquake

The earthquake was right in the area where giant pandas live. Most pandas in this area were rescued, particular attention was given to the babies, all the pandas were scared. The photos were taken right after earthquake and during rescue effort care. All the pandas were released back into the wild and it was noted that all of the bears stayed together.

Frightened and alone

People rescuing the pandas

Giving them milk-

That is so cute, each one has his own bowl.

After the Meal its play time.

Look at those babies drink from their bottles. Priceless.

Now this should be a safe spot for any more tornados that come along!

I don't want a shot!

The Nursey is Full to overflowing.

Haming it up for the camera..

Nap time! Who needs a nap?

Snooze time for these two

If more than one goose is a gaggle. What do they call more than one Panda? A herd....

Haming it up for the camera..

Wow isn't this good. A Bud Lite would be nice right about now though!

The rescue crew. The Chinese sure do love those Pandas.

Haming it up for the camera..

Haming it up for the camera..

Haming it up for the camera..

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