Bet You Haven't Seen These Trikes Around Town ?
And just when you thought you have seen everything?

When are Ape Hangers TOO tall?

This is the Bomb . I'm wondering how the engine is cooled.

This is my kind of bike - portable BBQ.

portable BBQ-Motor bike

Look at the wonderful paint job and art on the fenders!

What do you do with 24 chainsaw motors? That's a lot of pull starting.

24 chainsaw motors

Thats right! There are 12 motors per side. Look like Sthil chainsaw motors to me.

This is called 'Dream Big'. Powered by a 502 Chevy V8.

Dream Big Dream Big-502 Chevy V8

Aren't friends wonderful? --Nice.

Don't Let Friends ride your Bike

This is a German bike with a Russian logo on the sidecar. Maybe that website would explain all this.

Sweet cheeks.

Sweet cheeks.

Anybody got a light? That's a Vespa under there somewhere.

Lighted Vespa

Eight cylinders the hard way.

Eight cylinders

Ten passenger Harley Limo.

Harley Limo

Homeless Harley

Homeless Harley

Cool Harley faucet.

Harley faucet

Redneck's last words, 'Hey, watch this.'

Redneck Jet Bike

Beautiful Trike from Exile.

Trike from Exile

Old Rusty.

Old Rusty

The Undertaker

The Undertaker


Tombstone Bike

Wide tire, narrow ass.

Wide tire-nice rear

What The F#*k chopper

The Ultimate chopper

Budget sidecar

Budget sidecar

Uni-motorcycle? I wanna see someone ride this.


Something is seriously wrong here.

Something seriously wrong
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