In Canada these Trucks are Common Sights

Now that is one big bottle of Beer ! Quebec has always had the largest bottles for their Beer. Traffic jams are common after the legislature closes as the politicians rush over from Ottawa to Hull for their beer. Normally it is only a 15 minute drive but with all that traffic it can take up to an hour sometimes. Road rage is common on this stretch as drivers get more anxious for that big bottle of Quebec Beer.Beer Truck
The Police would stop this truck pretty quick here in Canada for having an unsecured load, what with that strap blowing around it is downright dangerous.
They do have specialized Union Workers down on the docks of Vancouver that know how to stack crates this way. The technique was mastered by the Quebecois and Saskatewaneans 10 years ago.

The German words on the side of the truck translate to: 'On the wrong way?'. In Canada it is a safety feature like a co-pilot on the big passenger jet liners this co-pilot on the truck watches the rear end of the truck. Commonly called covering the trucks ass.

The co-pilot is also in charge of getting the truck into some of those tight docking areas, it is much easier to just drive in frontward to the dock, no need for the driver to use the mirrors and have those backing in skills acquired from driving schools and Truck Rodeo Contests.

In Canada these Aquarium trucks are filled with fresh fish ready for transport to the interior fish hungry people. From Vancouver and the Pacific region these Aquarium trucks are filled with Salmon, Trout and huge Halibut. From Newfoundland and the Maritimes these Aquarium trucks travel as far as Sasktuabush with loads of Lobster and a few Cod.

In Canada these Book Trucks are a common sight. With the aging population the libraries were finding that the books in large print were constantly in demand. These extra large print books are fast becoming popular amongst the older people with eyesight problems.

In Canada we have established safety standards for carrying Hot goods such as the Pringle's Hot and Spicy or some of the Hotter Chili recipes from the East.

Revised 2013 by Larry Gentleman