There she sits. What a beauty eh? Aluminum wheels and BIG tires. Everything is top of the line like leather seats and electric everything. And hey man for the first time I am in the 2000nds, always been a 1900 most of my life. A little different now that it is about 4 years old.
Neat snow curl coming off the wood shed eh! Looks like you could go surfing off it. Hey and there is my wonderful internet connection. Can you see me coming off that thing on my surfboard my shorts and hawaiin shirt blowing in the wind
Gerald the neighbor comes in with his truck plow and does a pretty good job. But that plow just can't push it back far enough. I tried a backhoe to the tune of $260, but that was slow as molasses in January, and then had to pay the highways $300 for the grader to come in. Now it is great, better than the main highway. Sure is wonderful this year compared to last year.

A snowblower is the way to go. It just works wonderful shooting snow about 20 feet away. I have a lot of fun with it, I hit Butch full tilt with a load and it just covers him all you can see is two eyeballs and a tail in a snowball running full tilt southward.

But anyway you can see there is only about 2 feet of snow but if you push it with a snowplow it puts up a 4 foot bank.

Lot of work to have a path to the barn for 2 or 3 eggs a day, but it gets me in the routine every day. There is no more work to get 24 eggs a day as to 3. It all depends on how many roosters you have.

I have been working with this one rooster and I think it laid an egg the other day.

Butch counting the chickens. Kind of Cool he is so interested in those chickens. That one chicken comes right up to Butch and is beak to nose with him. Butch can handle that but he can't handle a sudden flapping or action going on. He has got one chicken because it was leaning against the door and literally flopped squarking into his mouth. Walter lost one that way too. He didn't eat it he just grabbed it by the neck and broke it. He is so fast it was like a blur. In the morning when I go out threre to feed them he makes 4 trips back and forth before I can trudge out there to open the door.

Chickens at 4 months old. They sure are pretty.There is one big rooster in the center. One little small one to the left that everyone is always picking on for some reason. Then a holy little terror of a rooster just to the right of center. So that leaves six layers and they are giving me 4 eggs a day now. Come spring I am going to get enough to give me a dozen eggs a day and I will be real happy. Thats one dozen for me and breakfast and 6 to sell. $20 a week with 8$ for feed that means $50/month profit or $600/yr which I will have to pay income tax on hee hee!. Oh and 3 big chicken stews when I get rid of those roosters thats at least worth $30.

Antenna Way up there. Not that impressive now that I look at it here. It does look quite impressive when you come up the deiveway as you can see the two bell dishes and this antenna sitting way up there. Everyone will sure know we are well wired up here in the sticks.

Kind of of neat thing you can do here. If you click on the picture you can zoom in and look around. You should be able to see the snow blower on the porch and a couple of Dads lanterns hanging on the porch.

The quality of the picture is not the best so you can't see the three guy wires very well or how they are fastened to the roof.

Boy when I look at this or any other picture around the place I see more work. Last year half the roof blew off and I had to put up that red tin. I just slapped it up there. That whole roof should be redone but I am not going to make the investment. I just got some new pipes for the stove pipe cost me $500 but if things blow up around here they are mine and I can take them. But some things I have to invest in like fixing that evestrough.

Neat Woodshed eh. I sure have Dads weirdness in making things strong and big. I got a little carried away It is 16x24 and will hold enough wood for at least 2 winters. Sure is well constructed and it is ever so nice because itis right next to the house and easy to fill the basement with a weeks worth of wood in no time at all. Walter and Ronnie can get a weeks worth down there in less than a half hour.

I had to spend a whole day snowblowing a path to the woodshed because we are going to run out of wood. Thanks to Walter my woodcutter. We live in a forest and I have to buy some wood. Next year that sucker is going to be full to the brim.

Technology sucks sometimes. Those new stove pipes I bought the latest NASA, CSA, CSI, AMA approved devices that cost me $500 are horrible. They accumulate soot and creosote worse than those normal stove pipes, because they are so insulated that they stay cooler and the soot can't burn as good. I have to go up there and brush once a month. With the old ones you just did it once a year.And are they ever sensitive to how dry the wood is. One punky piece and you can't even open the stove or a cloud of black toxic smoke greets you and it just smolders for hours. But I guess that is the tradeoff you won't burn too death you will just turn black and choke to death.

Even got a woodsplitter. Sure makes it easy to get the wood up. Walter didn't put up too much wood and I think we will be hunting for more come about January.

Got the shed covered in and am now working on the doors. Finally after 30 years that shed is going to be covered in and have some doors on it, so at least I can do emergency work somewhere in the winter other than a snowbank

Note what a wonderful job I did on closing the shed in avec doors and all. Poor Van feels lonely lately with me and my new friend the Durango hanging around each other so muxh.

We have quite a pile of logs that we got off the road that we cleared this summer. I kept every stick even if it was 1" diameter. Quite the stack eh? You should see the huge pile of branches that we accumulated in the Gravel Pit. It was a lot of clearing that we did. I still have about another third of the road to do. I didn't do down into the dip and the stretch into the yard. So next year we are going to be even hugher.