IC Name Function Manufacturer Notes

Monolithic Function Generator

EXAR Generates sine,triangular and square waves
Can be used for Pulse width modulation and FSK
LM358 Low Power Dual OP Amps National Actually these are just dual 741's, optimized for power saving, and specified for single supply operation.
LM324 Low Power Quad OP Amps National These are single supply op amps and really work well in my world where I am interfacing to the digital world. And there are four in a single 14 pin DIP.
LM317 3-Terminal adjustable Regulator   This regulator is becoming more and more useful over the years and is an excellant IC to work with.
LM3914 Dot Bar Display Driver National Great little IC to make indicators Like my battery monitor. It will drive 10 leds without the hassle of all those resistors and they can be cascaded to get one long row of leds.
LM311 Single Comparator   Single Comparator with strobing and offset balance for that difficult session of getting the right comparison.
LM339 Quad Comparator   For that bigger job when you need 4 comparators in 14 pin DIP
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