Then the women (girls) enter to make changes

Life was good hanging around in trees and enjoying the good times

There were good times meeting nice women. You were good at that, taking every opportunity to make a hit, with that damn Illegal Smile of yours. Here you are headed back to Quesnel for Christmas 1966.

And what do you do but bring back a red haired gentle tiger from that hick town Quesnel.

You will note that the Illegal Smile is gone and Joanne has a very determined look to keep you in line for good. She sure did a great job in getting you to tow the mark and get you back to hick town.

No way a woman is going to get me....I think. But Dea has that same confident look as Joanne has. Women ...go figure.

All I wanted was a good woman to swing from a tree with.

Boy we were a good looking crew way back then right! One thing that catches my eye is that I was always a sloppy dresser. My slacks are way too short and probably the only ones I could find that were clean.You were always such a perfectinist. Your clothes were always stylist and most importantly clean. I am still a slob and like a mountain man, I usually clean up in the Spring for the annual Rendezvous and thats about it. I do clean up pretty good when I do clean up. My teeth are all gone except for 5 or 6 but as I tell the barber I still have lots of hair, although it is mostly grey. The barber and I are going to train all that hair into a poney tail. If Willie Nelson can have a pony tail so can I.

Matthias Rosenbeck. Lost track of him altogether in the 80's. Heard he was somewhere on the Island. He never did do so well with the women as far as I can tell. And finally got a picture with Joanne smiling. I always remember her as so serious all the time.

Revised 2013 by Larry Gentleman