Surviving means making it through the winter. The snow clearing is a pain in the neck. Now add to this making sure you have enough wood to stay warm and your water doesn't freeze and you have some idea of the fun of surviving a Canadian winter.

This is what you see when you wake up in the morning after a little snowfall. I got so perturbed this year that I bought a $1000 Toro snowblower. Boy can I get some satisfaction in showing mother nature a thing or two about moving snow. That snowblower will throw a stream of snow 20'. I have to make sure the cat is in the house and the dogs are out of the way because boy would those critters go for a ride if they got caught in the machine.

The road is a real problem, there is two kilometers of it. It looks nice here but the problem is that we usually get a wet snowfall about Febuary and the plowtruck just can't push it anywhere. The roadway becomes too narrow and there is nowhere to push the snow.

The Highways Dept in the old days used to come in here with a sandtruck and there was never any probem. But now that it is privitized the boys don't want to do it because their machinery might break. And if they did they would charge me a small fortune for one pass.

This is the good neighbor Gerald and his plowtruck. It is a good outfit and works fine except for when the snow gets too wet and heavy and there is nowhere to put the snow.

Revised 2013 by Larry Gentleman