Now I have a Moving Machine ! Kind of looks like Tow Mater and his rusty old Tow Truck from the movie Cars. So thats what I am going to name it. Tow Mater

This wonderful machine is a D7 Caterpillar CAT circa 1940. It is a 3T model which indicates it was a military model. I don't think it was ever overseas in the war, as there is no military green or camaflodge showing. But the baby still runs; a testiment to the quality and craftsmanship of the time. I should have a lot of fun and problems making it work for a living. Isn't that something 70 years old and still pumping iron?

I have the original manuals for this CAT. there is still some grease and dirt on some of the pages so original it is. the manual says it is a 1956 reprint. the other day I went into the Caterpillar dealer with the manual and as a joke I was going to give them a 70 year old part number and see what their reaction was. Well I was impressed. the Caterpillar dealer is a high class place. You sit at a desk and talk to the sales person about as fancy as sitting down talking to someone at the bank. No parts counter stuff for these boys. Then to top it off the sales fellow didn't blink and eye when I pulled the manual out and rattled off the 70 year part number for the oil filter. He had it right there on the computer, my whole set of manuals. But I was impressed, and even the receptionist was one hot looking chick. she smiled and winked at me as she toke a bunch of my money. A little costly as I paid $90 for a grease nipple fitting that would work on the track rollers for the old girl. Maybe I will try my trick out at Canadian Tire those girls at the parts counter always need a part number or they are lost, well I will give them a part number OK.

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