Well I can see why they call them old guys running CAT a "catskinner". That roadwork is called backblading. So you work the cat in reverse and just skim off a little bit lifting the blade just a hair so you don't pull too much dirt with you. Then you go forward and just skim off a little bit. Then its backward again to smooth it out. Really tough stuff. And I have two kilometers of road to do. I am going to be one busy fellow this summer.

This little section hasn't been backbladed and it sure looks messy when you first start. I gather the first thing to do is get it level. It means tearing up a lot of good lawn sometimes. The soil on this hillside property is rotten stuff clay and gravel, but boy does it grow grass fast so I am not too worried about tearing a little bit up. Mother nature sure does recover quickly.

Now this little stretch was a pain in the neck. I started too early and the ground was really soft. That thirty ton CAT just sunk in up to the top of the track and was trying to push a 6' wall of dirt. That wasn't going to happen. I have been working on it a little bit at a time and it is coming along now. The hillside slopes down toward the house. What I want is about 30' in front of the house levelled off. So I have to go down about 4' on the hillside. Right now I just about have it and I have pushed dirt as far as those fence posts

We have a water problem up here. On the far side of the barn is a nice pond with good water for the garden and any critters I have. Trouble is we were never able to get to it. So I am building a road over to the pond and easy access to the barn.

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