Life Is Good for The Gentlemans

Life is good and we should give thanks to the man upstairs for making it so wonderful and giving us the talents we are blessed with. As I am getting older, note I said older not old, time seems to slip by faster and faster. I am in the enviable position that I have good health and I can do what I want. Well just about anything as I never became wealthy. So the only tough part of my life now is to accompish so many things that I have wanted to do all my life when I know time is speeding up

Originally this Web site’s main purpose was to highlight my versatile talents and present my talents in the Resume section. This site has been up for over 10 years now and I am now changing its purpose. It will be personal in that I will have lots of information on my family and what me and the dogs are doing but it will be a sharing site with all the technical information in the Electronics section and the Back to the Land section. The Humor and Stories section has become a book in itself. Add to that a new quote and scripture for every day of the year and I am sure someone out there in cyberspace will relate to my experiences.

Enjoy the web site and make sure you visit the humor section for your laugh before you leave. Your comments in the Contact Me section would certainly be appreciated.