Grandma and family My cousin Sonny Wilm was into geneology and had this great site with a lot of pictures from the Wilm family. Bless his soul but he is now with the Lord and I only have this one family picture that I borrowed from his site.

The lady holding the baby is my Mom's sister Lilian. My mother Agnes loved her sister and they both had the kindest hearts going, and they were so similar not only in looks but the way they treated us kids. The old guy with the hat is August Nicloux Moms dad. The two Ladies on the left are my grandmother and her mother who was from the Attrux clan. She was a wonderful gandmother also. The other lady in the back is Laura Attrux. I am going to do a whole section on her as she had a tremendous life as a nurse in northern Canada and became the most eminent member of the family.

This picture was taken around 1954 on the family farm in Carrot River Saskatwen.

Wind Chime expert

Dad has just passed away in 2012 at the age of 92. He constantly was into something new. I had to make a video of this exploit in 2008. He loved garage sales and collected old light fixtures to make wind chimes. They were truly works of art

My Dad is a certified "Old Fart. He is also a certified Ground Hog Specialist as you can see from the plaques on the wall. Well these days he is into making up wind chimes from all his garage sale exploits. I just had to make up a little video about this latest exploit.

Just click on the Picture to see a neat little video.

Harold Flake-My Shepard

Harold Flake is now in Sylvan Lake Alberta I think. It has been a long time since I have talked to him and I shall do it soon.


A good man, and my shepard as I like to call him. This man demonstrated a faith to me that got me into a church after 30 years. I now have a new faith in Jesus as our Saviour and it feels great. As a part time career, other than herding sheep and showing people the way of the Lord Harold is a Real Estate Expert in Grande Prairie Alberta.

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