Talents and Expertise

  • Electronic Digital Design
  • Circuit Board Repairs and Design
  • Web site Designs
  • Advertising Brochures and Catalogs
  • CD Multimedia Presentations
  • Autocad Drawings
  • Electronic Recycling
  • Farmer Logger and Storyteller
  • Wow! This section is such a reflection on the experiences I have had. I don't consider myself a brilliant person. i used to say I could have been a Nucleur Physcist or a Doctor and I would have passed everything with a 60% average. But it does mean that I have been into just about everything in the Electronic Electronic world. Nope I am missing on Telecommunications and Power generation and Hydro systems, oh and NASA stuff and being a astronaut.So this section is a personal celebration on how brilliant I am.

    I feel ancient sometimes. One of the giant computers I used to work on in the 70's is now in a museum in Germany. I remember using a sliderule for calculations before calculators were used ,when I was in college. Although we did have a IBM 1170 with keypunch machines and running Fortran as a programming language. But I am still with the program so to speak as principles and basic laws with electronics have stood the test of time. Now I am going to use all my years of experiences and use it for myself in my " Back to the Land section".

    I guess a truly famous or brilliant person would have to write a book on his life experiences so my little bit shouldn't be too significant. But I am happy and proud of what I did and there is more to come and it is all for me. Yahoo! I once heard that our former Prime Minister Lester B Pearson had written volumes of Books. Now where did he get the time and expertise to do that feat. I wonder if brilliant and famous people feel as proud of their life experiences as I feel about mine?


    Revised 2013 by Larry Gentleman